Women transforming the business landscape on their own terms

Introducing CNBC’s Changemakers: Leading Women Transforming Business

CNBC has just unveiled its inaugural Changemakers list, featuring 50 women who are innovating and transforming business across a variety of sectors. This new annual list highlights women making a significant impact at the largest companies, startups, and philanthropic organizations.

A total of 720 nominations were received by CNBC, and after several months of evaluation with guidance from the Changemakers Advisory Board, the final list was curated. The 2024 class of Changemakers represents 17 sectors, with leaders in healthcare, tech, consumer products, and financial services, among others. Notably, the list includes startup CEOs and founders with a combined valuation of over $47 billion and public company CEOs overseeing firms with a combined market cap of around $170 billion.

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The accomplishments of these Changemakers span a wide range of areas, from groundbreaking developments in pharmaceuticals to innovative solutions for plastic waste and baby formula shortages. These women are not only driving business growth but also tackling important societal issues.

Among the Changemakers are individuals like Anat Ashkenazi, the CFO of Eli Lilly, who secured key manufacturing capacity for a blockbuster weight-loss drug and worked to lower insulin prices. Svanika Balasubramanian, the CEO of RePurpose Global, is addressing plastic waste, while Laura Modi, CEO of Bobbie, is revolutionizing the baby formula industry.

In addition to their achievements in business, Changemakers like Alex Cooper, Tracee Ellis Ross, and Naomi Osaka are using their influence to create new market opportunities and make a difference beyond their respective industries.

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One key trend identified by CNBC is that these women are aligning purpose and profits, creating businesses that succeed when they achieve environmental or social good. From reimagining child care to revolutionizing renewable energy, these Changemakers are leading the way in creating innovative solutions to complex problems.

Overall, the 2024 Changemakers serve as a testament to the power of female leadership and the impact that individuals can make when they lead authentically. These trailblazers are rewriting the rules of business and inspiring others to do the same.

Stay tuned for more inspiring stories from CNBC’s Changemakers list and continue to celebrate the women who are shaping the future of business.

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