Jacqueline Reses, Bank Leader

Welcome to our blog! Today, we are shining a spotlight on Jacqueline Reses, the Co-founder, Chair, and Chief Executive Officer of Lead Bank. Reses, a native of Atlantic City, New Jersey, has made waves in the financial industry with her innovative approach to banking.

In 2022, Reses took on the role of CEO at Lead Bank with a vision of revolutionizing the banking system from the inside out. With a background in tech and regulatory expertise, she aimed to expand access to financial products for tech startups and small businesses. Reses saw an opportunity for Lead Bank, based in Kansas City, to lead the industry in embracing technology and modernizing traditional banking practices.

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Prior to her role at Lead Bank, Reses held executive positions at Block’s Square and Square Financial Services. She also played a crucial role in managing Yahoo’s Asian assets and assisting Alibaba with its initial public offering. Reses’ diverse experience has equipped her with the skills needed to navigate the evolving landscape of the financial industry.

Despite challenges facing the fintech industry, Lead Bank under Reses’ leadership has experienced significant growth. With over 1 million customers and impressive financial performance, Reses’ achievements have not gone unnoticed. She was even featured on the cover of Forbes, highlighting her impact on the banking sector.

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As a female leader in a predominantly male-dominated industry, Reses recognizes the importance of representation and diversity in the banking sector. She is committed to making banking more accessible and transparent for all individuals in the United States.

Beyond her role at Lead Bank, Reses remains active in the fintech industry, serving on the board of directors at Affirm and Nu Holdings. Her dedication to innovation and driving positive change in the financial sector has solidified her position as a changemaker in the business world.

We are inspired by Jacqueline Reses’ journey from executive to founder and her relentless commitment to reshaping the future of banking. Stay tuned for more updates on trailblazing leaders like Reses who are making a difference in the business world. Thank you for joining us on this journey of discovery and inspiration.

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