Social Token Platform Rally Shuts Down, Crypto Assets at Risk of Becoming Stranded

Social Token Project Rally Shuts Ethereum Sidechain, Stranding Users’ Crypto Assets

Social token platform, Rally, has announced that it is ending its operations and discontinuing its Ethereum sidechain. This sudden move has raised concerns among its users, who are creators and fans holding Rally tokens. In an email sent out to its users, Rally warned that the NFTs on its sidechain would not be transferable to … Read more

AMD Stock Rises Despite Guided Sales Decline

Dow and Advanced Micro Devices - AMD

AMD has released its fourth-quarter earnings and the results have beaten Wall Street’s expectations for sales and profit. Despite the positive results, the company has guided analysts to a 10% decline in year-over-year sales in the current quarter. Despite this, the stock rose over 2% in extended trading. In the quarter ending December, AMD’s EPS … Read more

Can Powell Tame Inflation and Keep the Market Happy?

The Federal Reserve is losing control over the inflation narrative

Jim Caron, head of macro strategies for global fixed income at Morgan Stanley Investment Management, warns of potential volatility in the market due to potential misinterpretations of Powell’s comments. Investors will be closely monitoring Powell’s outlook on the economy, with economists forecasting a potential recession and the Fed projecting slow growth and a rise in … Read more

Will Easy Credit and Rising Stocks Hinder the Fed’s Inflation Fight?

inflation on the rise

Could Overly Easy Credit and a Soaring Stock Market Threaten the Fed’s Fight Against Inflation? As the Federal Reserve kicks off its two-day meeting, stocks continue to rally, with the S&P 500 ending January with a gain of 6.2%. The tech sector performed even better, with a 9.2% increase in the same period. Meanwhile, interest … Read more

The Rise and Fall of NFTZ: What Happened to the World’s First NFT ETF?

First Exchange-Traded NFT Fund Shuts Down

The world’s first exchange-traded fund (ETF) for NFTs, NFTZ, is shutting down. Defiance ETFs, the company behind NFTZ, recently announced its decision to “close and liquidate” the fund by February 28th. This news has come as a surprise to many, especially since NFTZ had a highly anticipated launch back in December 2021. NFTZ was a … Read more

Federal Reserve Expected to Raise Interest Rates and Signal Continued Vigilance against Inflation

Federal Reserve Board Chairman Jerome Powell speaks during a news conference in Washington, DC, on July 27, 2022

The Federal Reserve is predicted to increase interest rates by a quarter of a percentage point and also likely indicate that it will continue to remain cautious in its efforts to combat inflation, even as it decreases the magnitude of its hikes. On Wednesday at 2 PM ET, the Fed will announce its latest rate … Read more

St. Martin Proposes TRON as National Blockchain Infrastructure and Legal Tender

St. Martin Proposes TRON as National Blockchain Infrastructure and Legal Tender

In a recent development, the government of the Eastern Caribbean island of St. Martin has proposed a law that would designate TRON as the country’s blockchain infrastructure and TRON-based cryptocurrency as legal tender for everyday usage. Member of Parliament (MP) Rolando Brison, who has been a vocal advocate for the integration of blockchain technology and … Read more

Technology Stocks Take a Hit as Microsoft’s Earnings Disappoint

Microsoft is laying off 10,000 employees

The corporate earnings season is in full swing, and investors are feeling the heat as concerns grow about the struggles of some of the largest U.S. companies amidst rising rates and recession fears. On Wednesday, the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell by 190 points, or 0.56%, the Nasdaq Composite dropped 1%, and the S&P 500 … Read more

Listen-to-Earn: A New Way for Podcasters and Listeners to Earn Bitcoin

You can now Earn Bitcoin for listening to podcasts

The podcasting industry is getting a new revenue model, thanks to a partnership between mobile payment firm ZEBEDEE and “listen-to-earn” podcast platform Fountain. The partnership aims to give listeners and podcasters the ability to earn Bitcoin using the app. ZEBEDEE, a Bitcoin-centric gaming firm, recently launched two new play-to-earn games, Bitcoin Chess and Bitcoin Scratch, … Read more

Stocks Fall as Investors Struggle to Maintain Momentum During Earnings Season

Should you buy on the Stock Market Dip?

Stocks fell on Tuesday as investors struggled to maintain momentum during a busy stretch of corporate earnings. The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell by 166 points or 0.5%, the S&P 500 slipped by 0.6%, and the Nasdaq Composite dropped by 0.4%. The market moves on Tuesday came after a solid start to the week, with … Read more