Wealthy Americans obtain second passports due to concerns about instability.

In today’s ever-changing global landscape, wealthy individuals are increasingly looking to diversify their citizenship portfolios to hedge against financial risk. This trend of “passport portfolios” is on the rise, with Americans leading the pack in seeking alternative residences and additional citizenships.

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According to Henley & Partners, a leading law firm specializing in high-net-worth citizenships, Americans are flocking to acquire second, third, or even fourth citizenships as a form of risk mitigation. While the U.S. passport is still highly regarded, wealthy individuals are recognizing the benefits of diversifying their citizenship and residence options in today’s uncertain world.

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Key destinations for supplemental passports among Americans include Portugal, Malta, Greece, and Italy, each offering unique investment programs that provide residency and citizenship opportunities. From easier travel to enhanced business security and financial flexibility, there are numerous reasons why wealthy Americans are exploring the world of “passport portfolios.”

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