Feeding Bugs to Your Pet: A Good Idea or Gross?

Insects as a Protein Source: A Disturbing Trend in the Food Industry

Tyson Foods shocked the world last year when they announced their plans to use insects as a primary protein source in their products. This decision, backed by the World Economic Forum and Klaus Schwab, aims to reduce emissions and change the way we eat in the name of sustainability. One company, Protix, based in the Netherlands, has partnered with Tyson Foods to provide insect-based solutions, starting with feeding insects to our animals.

A recent study published in the Journal of Insects as Food and Feed involved eight female beagle dogs who were fed a protein meal made from black soldier fly larvae. The study claimed that the dogs experienced improvements in oral health, leading to the conclusion that incorporating cheap insect protein into pet food could benefit animals.

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Protix has also developed LipidX, an insect oil aimed to replace traditional oils, and Flytilizer, an alternative to fertilizer made from insects. Their goal is to eventually replace common animal feed ingredients like soy meal with larvae. This movement is not limited to just one company – many others are looking to overhaul our food supply, both for humans and animals.

The push for insect consumption is not just limited to pet food and livestock feed. The World Economic Forum is also pushing for people to start including insects in their own diets. The FDA in the US currently allows a significant amount of insect fragments and other contaminants in our food due to lax manufacturing regulations.

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As the elite jetset from one luxurious destination to another, they promote insect consumption for the masses while enjoying the finest foods themselves. Some governments, like Italy, are starting to regulate insect proteins and cloned meats, but the majority of the Western world seems content to poison our food supply in the name of sustainability.

The thought of insects becoming a normal part of our diet may be hard to swallow, but it seems that we may not have a choice in the matter as the food industry continues to experiment with new protein sources. Be vigilant and informed about what you are consuming, as the future of food may be stranger than you think.

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