Binance Unveils Megadrop: An Innovative Token Launch Platform Featuring Airdrops and Web3 Challenges

At Extreme Investor Network, we are excited to bring you the latest news from the cryptocurrency world. Today, we are thrilled to share with you the launch of Binance Megadrop, a groundbreaking token launch platform that combines airdrops and Web3 quests.

Binance Megadrop allows users to subscribe BNB to Locked Products and complete tasks in their Web3 Wallet to gain early access to rewards from selected Web3 projects before their tokens are listed on the Binance Exchange. This unique platform offers a new way for crypto enthusiasts to participate in token launches and earn rewards.

The first project to be introduced on Binance Megadrop is BounceBit (BB), a BTC restaking chain. With a Max Token Supply of 2,100,000,000 BB, Megadrop Token Rewards of 168,000,000 BB, and an Initial Circulating Supply of 409,500,000 BB, BounceBit promises to be an exciting addition to the crypto market.

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To get started with Binance Megadrop, users simply need to log into their Binance account and ensure they have an active Binance Web3 Wallet. By subscribing to BNB Locked Products and completing Web3 Quests to accrue scores, users can maximize their rewards through the Megadrop program.

The scoring system for Megadrop is based on the Locked BNB Score, which takes into account the quantity of BNB subscribed and the length of the subscription period. Users can also earn a Web3 Quest Bonus and a Web3 Quest Multiplier by completing designated Web3 Quests, enhancing their total score.

It’s important to note that only wallets created within the Binance Web3 Wallet can participate in Megadrop, and rewards will be airdropped to users’ Binance Spot Wallets. Eligibility criteria based on jurisdiction also apply, with users from certain countries currently not eligible to participate in BB Megadrop.

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Binance Megadrop aims to offer users an interactive and rewarding experience within the crypto ecosystem. Stay tuned for more details about Megadrop amounts, Web3 Quests, and the detailed listing plan as they are announced separately.

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