Jefferies’ analyst believes that Trump’s characterization of Facebook as the enemy of the people is mistaken

In a recent analysis, one of Wall Street’s leading advocates for Meta Platforms believes that the company’s business could thrive under a Trump presidency. Despite President Donald Trump’s negative comments labeling Facebook as an “enemy of the people,” analysts at Jefferies remain bullish on the social media giant.

Brent Thill, Jefferies’ tech sector lead, sees Facebook as crucial for small businesses, stating that the economic value of advertising on the platform is exceptional. While President Trump’s remarks did lead to a slight decline in Meta’s stock price, Thill remains optimistic about the company’s future growth potential.

Thill is particularly optimistic about Facebook’s advertising business and believes that the platform’s targeting capabilities and product quality will attract more advertisers in the coming months. With Meta’s stock price experiencing a slight dip, Thill sees this as an opportunity to buy, as he views the company as undervalued compared to its peers.

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Despite the recent market volatility, Thill maintains a buy rating and a $550 price target on Meta Platforms, indicating a potential 14% gain from the current share price. With Meta’s stock up 37% this year, Thill’s optimism about the company’s growth potential remains unwavering.

In conclusion, despite the headline and political risks associated with Facebook, analysts like Thill believe that the company’s value proposition for small businesses is too significant to ignore. As Meta continues to evolve and innovate in the digital advertising space, investors may want to consider taking advantage of any temporary dips in the stock price as buying opportunities.

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