Sentiment Timing – Morning Notes 7/13/2022

CPI came in hot again and our final 1/3 of the long side trade will be stopped at the open.

We still could see some big moves in both directions, but the bad news that this administration is throwing out to the economy is just too overwhelming for any real sustained rally.

But even with today’s dismal open, I am seeing buy signals on the 60’s for the /es.

That is not a signal I would use to get long, but just be careful shorting blindly.

Things will get better I promise.

Hopefully, it starts in November and we are done with these woke, climate freaks and get people who care about the people and not a made-up agenda in office.

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I am still scared of the democrat’s plan B, because they have to have one!

SPX Hourly Technicals
Stochastics: Oversold-ish

Divergences: No Divergences

Resistance Pivots: R1-3818 R2-3830 R3-3850

Support Pivots: S1-3750 S2-3730 S3-3710

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