Meet Binaifer Nowrojee, the New President of Open Society Foundations

Introducing Binaifer Nowrojee, the newly appointed president of George Soros’ Open Society Foundations (OSF). As Mark Malloch-Brown prepares to step down in June, Nowrojee steps into the spotlight, bringing with her a unique background and a legacy of overturning elections.

Born in London and raised in Kenya with Indian heritage, Nowrojee hails from a family of prominent lawyers in Kenya. Her father, Pheroze Nowrojee, played a pivotal role in overturning the results of the 2017 Raila presidential election in Kenya, a significant achievement after 25 years of fighting against electoral rigging. This legacy of challenging the status quo runs deep in Nowrojee’s family, setting the stage for her own leadership at OSF.

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Having worked in senior leadership roles across Asia and East Africa for over two decades, Nowrojee brings a wealth of experience to her new position. With a Harvard Law School and Columbia Law School JD under her belt, she has a strong foundation in human rights advocacy. Nowrojee’s tenure at the Human Rights Watch and the Lawyers Committee for Human Rights has prepared her for the challenges ahead at OSF.

One of Nowrojee’s first actions as incoming president was to reduce the staff size of OSF by 40%, signaling a shift towards greater alignment with the organization’s agenda. Embracing Soros’ vision of critical thinking, local knowledge, and risk-taking, Nowrojee is poised to lead OSF in a new direction.

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As she takes the reins at OSF, Nowrojee faces a changing landscape, with the foundation turning its focus towards America under the direction of Alex Soros. With civil unrest growing and political tensions on the rise, the question remains: will Binaifer Nowrojee follow in her father’s footsteps and make her mark on the world stage? Stay tuned to Extreme Investor Network for the latest updates on this unfolding story.

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