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Welcome to Extreme Investor Network, where we bring you the latest news and updates on the companies making significant moves in the market. Today, we’re diving into the midday action of some top players in the finance world.

RH, the luxury retailer, saw a surge of 17.2% after offering robust full-year forecasts for demand and revenue growth. Despite a fourth-quarter earnings report that fell below expectations, investors were bullish on the company’s future prospects.

Estée Lauder also made waves with a more than 6% jump in shares after Bank of America upgraded them to buy from neutral. The firm pointed to improving profitability, new products, and increased presence in the prestige beauty sector as key drivers of growth.

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On the flip side, Reddit experienced a 10.4% dip as CEO Steve Ladd Huffman and COO Jennifer Wong sold significant amounts of shares. The stock has seen a meteoric rise since its debut on the NYSE, soaring 92% by Wednesday’s close.

Chemours faced a more significant setback, with shares falling over 7% due to regulatory scrutiny and internal audit findings of financial manipulation by executives.

Snowflake, the cloud data provider, saw a 1.7% climb following CEO Sridhar Ramaswamy’s purchase of 31,542 shares, totaling $5 million.

AMC Entertainment took a hit with a 15% drop after announcing plans to sell $250 million worth of stock, while Verint Systems gained 5% after surpassing earnings and revenue expectations in the fourth quarter.

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Other companies like TD Synnex, MillerKnoll, Braze, and Allstate also experienced fluctuations in their stock prices based on various factors such as secondary public offerings, revenue misses, and disappointing guidance.

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