US GDP and PCE Data in Focus for the Week Ahead

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This week, we are closely monitoring the 2-year and 10-year UST yields, the US Dollar Index, and energy markets, specifically oil and gold. These are crucial factors that can give us valuable insights into the direction of the market.

In terms of upcoming events, the US GDP Advance estimate on Thursday and the PCE Price Index on Friday are the headline data releases to watch out for. Additionally, durable goods orders, New Home Sales, and Pending Home Sales data from the US will provide further insights into the economy.

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For global markets, April’s S&P Global PMIs for Europe, the UK, and the US will be released on Tuesday. Keep an eye on CPI inflation data from Australia on Wednesday, as well as the Bank of Japan rate announcement on Friday.

On the earnings front, big tech companies like Tesla (TSLA), Microsoft (MSFT), Meta (META), and Google (GOOG) will be reporting earnings this week. With major US equity markets experiencing some downside pressure recently, it will be interesting to see how these earnings reports impact market sentiment.

In particular, the US GDP data for Q1 2024 is expected to show a slowdown in economic growth. However, there is a possibility for an upside surprise, as the Atlanta GDPNow model suggests a higher growth rate than market expectations. A positive GDP surprise could strengthen the USD and influence rate market dynamics.

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The PCE Price Index data is also crucial, with expectations for a slight increase in both headline and core measures. Year-on-year, we anticipate a rise in headline PCE data and a slight slowdown in the Core measure.

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