Analysts predict a turnaround for Hong Kong’s largest stock

Title: Tencent Stock Poised for Growth in 2024: What Investors Need to Know

As we look ahead to the investment landscape for the rest of 2024, one Chinese tech company that has caught the attention of analysts is Tencent. After three years of decline, Tencent is now showing signs of potential gains in the coming year. This shift is a promising development for investors looking for opportunities in the market.

Tencent, a prominent player in the tech industry known for its gaming and social media businesses, has seen its stock rise by more than 3% so far this year. This positive trend contrasts with a decline of over 4% in Hong Kong’s main Hang Seng Index, where Tencent holds the top spot with a market capitalization exceeding $350 billion.

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Analysts at Morgan Stanley are optimistic about Tencent’s prospects, particularly in the gaming sector. They expect the first quarter of 2024 to mark the low point for Tencent’s games business, with a projected 4% year-over-year decline, primarily attributed to sluggish domestic growth. Despite this dip, analysts anticipate a potential turnaround in the second quarter.

In addition to its gaming segment, Tencent derives revenue from other key areas such as advertising, financial technology, and business services. This diversified business model has caught the attention of industry experts, earning Tencent the title of top pick among Asia ex-Japan internet stocks.

One key factor driving investor optimism is Tencent’s share buyback program. The company has announced plans to repurchase at least $13 billion worth of shares in 2024, doubling last year’s buyback initiative. This move, with a yield of around 5%, is seen as a positive signal for investors.

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Furthermore, the selling pressure from Prosus, a major shareholder in Tencent, has been offset by Tencent’s buyback program. This strategic move has reassured analysts and investors alike, contributing to the positive sentiment surrounding Tencent’s stock.

Looking ahead, Tencent is scheduled to release its first quarter results on May 14, providing further insights into the company’s performance and future prospects. With anticipated growth in the second half of the year, Tencent remains an attractive investment opportunity for those looking to capitalize on the potential upside.

Overall, Tencent’s resilience, strategic initiatives, and diversified revenue streams position it well for growth in 2024. As investors consider their options in the market, Tencent stands out as a promising investment opportunity with the potential for substantial returns in the coming year.

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