Increased comfort with empty middle seats and extra legroom

Are you tired of cramped seats on budget airlines? Frontier Airlines is now offering a new add-on option to give you more space and no middle seat neighbor. Starting April 10th, Frontier will be introducing UpFront Plus in the first two rows of its Airbus planes, with blocked middle seats and additional legroom.

For a limited time, prices start at $49 for bookings made before March 20 for flights between April 10 and April 30. This new seat option is not just a temporary offer, but a way for Frontier to provide more comfort and convenience to its passengers.

Budget airlines like Spirit and Frontier, as well as major carriers like Delta, United, and American, are constantly looking for ways to improve their services and offer additional amenities to passengers. Frontier’s new UpFront Plus option is just one example of how airlines are trying to cater to the needs of their customers and provide a better travel experience.

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Fees are a crucial aspect for budget airlines, which rely on additional charges for things like seat selection and baggage fees to increase revenue. Frontier, for example, generated an average of $42 per passenger in airfare last year, with non-fare revenue also rising.

So the next time you book a flight with Frontier, consider upgrading to UpFront Plus for a more spacious and comfortable journey. Your cramped middle seat days could soon be a thing of the past.

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