United Airlines Introduces Group Frequent Flyer Mile Sharing Option

United Airlines is changing the game when it comes to frequent flyer miles. In a bold move, the airline is allowing members of its MileagePlus loyalty program to pool their miles with friends and family, creating a shared account that can be used for trips on United.

This new program allows a “pool leader” to choose up to four other individuals to participate in the joint account. The leader must be at least 18 years old, but participants can be of any age, allowing families to use their children’s miles towards tickets.

Customers will still maintain their individual MileagePlus accounts and can decide how much they want to contribute to the pool. Once the miles are in the pool, they stay there, giving families and friends the opportunity to combine their miles for flights and other products on United’s site or app.

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United is not the only airline to offer loyalty points pooling, as JetBlue Airways and Frontier Airlines also offer similar programs. By allowing families to pool their miles together, airlines aim to engage less-frequent travelers and increase brand preference across the family.

This new trend in loyalty programs is changing the way people think about their frequent flyer miles and creating new opportunities for people to travel together using their combined miles. It’s a unique way to strengthen relationships through shared experiences and adventures in the sky.

So, would you share your frequent flyer miles with your friends and family? It might just be the ultimate friendship test.

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