Toyota is considering producing electric and plug-in versions of the Tacoma and Tundra pickups.

**Exploring Toyota’s Electric Pickup Truck Plans: What You Need to Know**

Welcome to Extreme Investor Network, where we bring you the latest updates on top business news. Today, we’re diving into Toyota’s plans to expand its U.S. truck lineup with electric and plug-in hybrid versions of its popular Tacoma and Tundra pickups.

Jack Hollis, executive vice president of Toyota Motor North America, recently shared insights on the company’s strategic moves during the New York Auto Forum conference. He mentioned that Toyota is evaluating the potential demand for electric and plug-in hybrid trucks in light of tightening federal regulations on emissions and fuel economy.

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While Toyota has been known for its commitment to developing a broad lineup of battery-electric vehicles (BEVs), including the midsize Tacoma, recent discussions have introduced the possibility of plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs).

In a bold move earlier this year, Toyota announced a $1.3 billion investment in its Kentucky plant to manufacture a new all-electric, three-row SUV for the U.S. market. Additionally, Toyota’s Thailand president confirmed plans to produce a BEV version of the small Hilux pickup for global markets.

The electric Hilux received positive feedback, but whether it will make its way to the U.S. remains uncertain. However, Toyota is actively exploring the potential of introducing both BEV and PHEV versions of the Tacoma and Tundra trucks in response to market demands.

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Hollis emphasized the importance of finding the right balance between BEVs and PHEVs for each model, considering factors such as price point and consumer preferences. While there are currently five all-electric pickup trucks available in the U.S., Toyota aims to offer more accessible options that cater to a broader audience.

As the automotive industry shifts towards electrification, several automakers, including Toyota, are reevaluating their product portfolios to align with evolving market trends. With the Biden administration’s revised emissions regulations in place, the race to develop more sustainable and energy-efficient vehicles is on.

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