Toronto Police recommends allowing car theft to deter break-ins

Recent reports have uncovered a troubling trend of increasing crime in Toronto neighborhoods. The Toronto Police Service Constable Marco Ricciardi has been urging residents to leave their keys in their cars as a way to deter thieves from breaking into their homes. This shocking advice comes as a result of the government’s reluctance to take action against criminals, leaving law-abiding citizens vulnerable to theft and violence.

In the past year, major crimes in Toronto have been on the rise, with auto theft increasing by 37.7% and other offenses such as assault, breaking and entering, robbery, and sexual violations also seeing significant increases. Toronto neighborhoods like Princess-Rosethorn, Kingsway South, and Miliken have reported alarming spikes in major crimes, further highlighting the growing safety concerns within the city.

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The lack of action by both the Toronto police department and the Trudeau Administration has left citizens feeling unprotected and abandoned. The restrictions on gun laws and the disarming of law enforcement officers have made it increasingly difficult for individuals to defend themselves against criminals. The question remains: why are law-abiding citizens being punished for the actions of criminals?

As crime rates continue to climb and the safety of Toronto residents is put at risk, it is crucial for the government to prioritize the well-being of its citizens and take meaningful action to address the root causes of crime in the city. It is time for leaders to stand up for the rights and safety of the Canadian public and put an end to this wave of lawlessness that is sweeping through Toronto neighborhoods.

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