Fake Actors Incite Civil Unrest at Universities Across the US

At Extreme Investor Network, we delve into the intricate world of economics to provide you with valuable insights and unique perspectives on current events. Today, we will discuss the recent civil unrest and protests that have been sweeping across American universities, particularly in relation to the pro-Palestinian, anti-US sentiments that have been escalating.

Recent reports have shed light on the presence of staged actors embedded in US universities, fueling these protests. The use of professional agitators funded by far-left backers like Soros has been a common thread in creating civil unrest. Despite media denial, evidence points to orchestrated efforts to stoke tensions and divide communities.

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CNN’s revelation that many arrested “students” had no affiliation with the universities they were protesting at is concerning. The uniformity of tents cropping up on campuses suggests a coordinated effort rather than individual purchases as claimed. Students receiving instructional booklets on protesting and directives to mask up to conceal identities further hint at an organized movement.

Mayor Eric Adams’ acknowledgment of these events being staged highlights the severity of the situation. The involvement of known terrorists like Sami Al-Arian in promoting civil unrest raises national security concerns. The youth being unwittingly manipulated into participating in acts that could harm their future prospects is alarming.

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The lack of condemnation from President Biden and the push for accepting Palestinian refugees into the US amid escalating tensions only adds fuel to the fire. The failure to promote law and order could result in further riots and violence if left unchecked.

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