Survey finds that half of adults are feeling stressed about their personal finances

Welcome to Extreme Investor Network, where we provide valuable insights and expert analysis on all things finance. Today, we are diving into a recent survey that found roughly half of adults across various advanced economies are stressed about their personal finances.

According to the International Your Money Financial Security Survey conducted by SurveyMonkey, at least half of adults in major economies such as the U.S., Australia, Spain, and Mexico reported feeling “very or somewhat stressed” about money. Inflation was cited as one of the main reasons for this financial anxiety.

Interestingly, a significant number of respondents also expressed feeling worse-off financially than their parents and were pessimistic about their children’s financial futures. Despite considering themselves part of the middle class, between 45% and 62% of those surveyed described themselves as “living paycheck to paycheck.”

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Inflation, along with a lack of savings, economic instability, and rising interest rates, were identified as key sources of financial stress. The survey, which included 4,342 adults from various countries, highlighted a disconnect between the performance of the global economy and the personal financial struggles faced by individuals.

Eric Johnson, CEO of SurveyMonkey, noted that despite the relatively healthy global economy, many adults are still feeling the pressure when it comes to managing their finances. This sentiment is reflected in the survey findings, which show widespread financial stress across all countries studied.

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