Study finds Ozempic from Novo Nordisk can be manufactured for less than $5 per month

The high cost of prescription medications is a hot topic, especially when it comes to life-saving drugs like diabetes treatments. A recent study conducted by researchers at Yale University, King’s College Hospital in London, and Doctors Without Borders shed light on the manufacturing cost of the blockbuster diabetes drug Ozempic.

According to the study, Ozempic could be manufactured for less than $5 a month, significantly lower than the list price of $935.77 before insurance and rebates. This huge price difference raises questions about the affordability and accessibility of important medications for patients who need them the most.

The study also highlighted the increasing demand for GLP-1s, a new class of diabetes treatments that includes Ozempic. However, as more insurers drop these drugs from their plans due to high costs, some patients are left without access to the medications they need to manage their condition.

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Novo Nordisk, the pharmaceutical company behind Ozempic, declined to provide specific production costs for the drug but emphasized its commitment to providing discounts and rebates to ensure patient access. The company mentioned that a significant portion of their earnings goes towards patient assistance programs to help offset the high costs.

Overall, the study’s findings suggest that lower manufacturing costs for drugs like Ozempic could lead to wider access for patients in need. It’s crucial for pharmaceutical companies, insurers, and policymakers to work together to find solutions that make essential medications more affordable and accessible for everyone.

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