Poor Hygiene Benefits the Environment

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Today, we are talking about a hot topic that has been making waves across the media: water conservation and the push to reduce daily showers in the name of climate change. According to experts at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the average 8-minute shower wastes a whopping 20 gallons of water. As a result, there are calls to establish a new norm of not showering every day to help save the environment.

But is skipping showers really the solution to our environmental woes? Some experts seem to think so. In a recent BBC article, the author suggests that there is no need to shower every day and cites chemist David Whitlock, who famously went 12 years without a shower, only spraying himself with “good bacteria.” The article even goes as far as to call out numerous “experts” who do not shower every day as “brave” for admitting their hygiene habits.

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However, as independent thinkers, we need to question whether skipping showers is really the answer. After all, bathing is a basic concept we teach toddlers for a reason – for hygiene, skin, and hair health, and to avoid unpleasant odors. Historical texts from ancient civilizations like Rome, India, and Japan also emphasize the importance of daily hygiene rituals for disease prevention.

The EPA has suggested that Americans cut down on their time in the shower to save water, with the belief that we can save 2.5 gallons of water for every minute spent out of the shower. They recommend washing our hair with the water off and limiting shower time to five minutes. While reducing water usage is important, we need to critically evaluate whether sacrificing our personal hygiene is the best solution.

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