Stock market plummets as traders await Fed decision, marking end of turbulent month

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US stocks took a nosedive as investors grappled with the latest inflationary data ahead of the Federal Reserve’s upcoming policy decision. The S&P 500 index plummeted over 1% following the release of quarterly labor cost data, which came in higher than expected. This data raised concerns about a hot economy and sticky inflation, pushing investors to reevaluate their expectations for rate cuts.

The Employee Cost Index, a key measure of wages and benefits, surged 1.2%, exceeding the 1% consensus. This unexpected jump in labor costs further complicates the Fed’s ability to implement rate cuts this year. As a result, futures markets are now predicting only one rate cut in December, with a shift in focus to Fed commentary following the conclusion of the FOMC meeting on Wednesday.

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Chief economist Bill Adams from Comerica Bank emphasized the challenges the Fed faces in taming inflation, stating that a rate cut before September appears unlikely given recent data showing widespread increases in prices across various sectors.

Apart from inflation concerns, the stock market decline in April marked the end of a five-month streak of gains, with a significant 3.7% drop. This abrupt reversal highlights the market’s volatility and the impact of economic indicators on investor sentiment.

In other news, McDonald’s shares experienced a 3.8% decline after missing earnings estimates, while all eyes are on Amazon’s quarterly results set to be released after the closing bell on Tuesday.

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Additionally, ceasefire talks between Israel and Hamas contributed to a 2.6% decline in Brent crude oil prices, adding to the day’s market turbulence.

As the trading day came to a close, here were the standings for key US indexes:

– Commodities, Bonds, and Crypto:
– West Texas Intermediate crude oil fell 1.09% to $81.92 a barrel.
– Brent crude dropped 2.6% to $86.14 a barrel.
– Gold slumped 1.85% to $2,295.4 per ounce.
– The 10-year Treasury yield rose seven basis points to 4.684%.
– Bitcoin decreased by 5.4% to $60,358.

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