‘Oracle of Wall Street’ suggests that US homeowners could receive a $980 billion stimulus without any extra cost

At Extreme Investor Network, we are constantly on the lookout for innovative ideas that could potentially benefit homeowners and investors alike. Recently, a proposal has been circulating within the government-sponsored mortgage finance industry that could unlock nearly $1 trillion for homeowners. This proposal, as outlined by Meredith Whitney in The Financial Times, involves Freddie Mac purchasing secondary mortgages, thereby offering a cost-effective way for borrowers to tap into their home equity.

The concept is simple yet powerful – by enabling Freddie Mac to enter the secondary mortgage market, homeowners would have more options to access their equity, which is currently largely untapped. This move could inject a significant amount of liquidity into the housing market without adding to the national deficit.

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One key aspect highlighted by Whitney is the growing pile of untapped home equity in America, particularly among older homeowners who may benefit the most from accessing their equity. With limited options available for homeowners to tap into their home equity, Freddie Mac’s participation in the secondary mortgage market could provide a much-needed solution.

If approved, this proposal could open the door to $980 billion of available home equity financing for Americans, with the potential to grow to $3 trillion if other government-sponsored entities follow suit. Not only would this benefit homeowners, but it could also stimulate the economy and provide a boost to consumers at a time when economic growth appears to be slowing down.

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By expanding the securitization market for second mortgages, more finance providers would be incentivized to originate these loans, ultimately reducing costs for borrowers. This proposal has the potential to be a game-changer for the housing market and could have far-reaching implications for the broader economy.

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