Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang discusses the reason behind the company’s decision to develop humanoid robots

Artificial Intelligence Powerhouse Nvidia Making Humanoid Robots

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang recently sat down with CNBC’s Jim Cramer to discuss the company’s latest venture into humanoid robots. According to Huang, Nvidia is delving into this field because much of the data used to train these robots comes from the human form itself.

Huang explained, “We’re in a world where, in order to write software for a computer, we use data or training examples, and the computer learns from these examples. Well, we have the most examples of humans moving around, more than any other data.”

The CEO went on to discuss how many aspects of the world, such as manufacturing lines in car factories, were created for people. Utilizing data from humans can make robots more productive in these tasks. Huang predicted a future where robots will be orchestrating a team of manufacturing robots to build cars autonomously.

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At a conference in San Jose, California, Nvidia unveiled Project GROOT, which stands for Generalist Robot 00 Technology. This project aims to create a general-purpose foundation model for humanoid robots and drive breakthroughs in robots and embodied AI.

Huang also touched on Nvidia’s partnerships in Big Tech and beyond, asserting that the company is a market maker rather than a share taker. He believes that Nvidia’s technology will create jobs and make companies more productive, leading to increased earnings and hiring.

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