CEO shares Coterra’s strategy for handling unpredictable commodity pricing

In the world of oil and gas, navigating unpredictable commodity pricing can be a challenge. That’s where Coterra CEO Tom Jordan comes in, emphasizing the importance of flexibility in dealing with market fluctuations.

During a recent interview with CNBC’s Jim Cramer, Jordan highlighted how Coterra has strategically positioned itself to adapt to changing market conditions. “We built Coterra to have flexibility of top tier assets, low cost of supply, but also a team that is nimble, always looking at iterations and ready to pivot,” Jordan explained.

One key strategy Coterra employs is avoiding long-term commitments in its service contracts. This allows the company to move capital from one basin to another quickly, as needed. In a recent example, Coterra shifted its focus from natural gas production to oil, demonstrating its ability to adapt to market demands.

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Despite the volatility of natural gas prices in recent months, Jordan remains confident in Coterra’s ability to generate stable revenue and cash flow. By focusing on asset quality and organizational efficiency rather than trying to predict commodity pricing, Coterra is able to thrive in a challenging market environment.

Looking ahead, Coterra has contingency plans in place to ramp up natural gas production if necessary. Meanwhile, the company continues to prioritize flexibility and adaptability in its operations.

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