Market Expectations for Rate Cut in September Increase Due to High Inflation Data

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As recently as January, investors had high hopes that the Federal Reserve was about to embark on a rate-cutting campaign that would reverse some of the most aggressive policy tightening in decades. However, recent inflation data has tempered those expectations.

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March’s consumer price index report revealed that inflation is proving to be stickier than previously thought, leading Fed policymakers to exercise caution. This has also dampened the market’s hopes for multiple rate cuts this year.

Looking Beyond the Headlines

While the headline numbers paint a concerning picture, digging deeper reveals even more alarming signs. Services prices, excluding energy, have surged both on a monthly and annual basis. Additionally, a new metric known as “supercore,” which factors out housing costs, has shown significant increases, raising further inflationary concerns.

The market’s reaction to the latest CPI report has been pronounced, with sell-offs in equities and a surge in Treasury yields. Despite the gloomy outlook, there may be some silver linings on the horizon. Factors such as rising productivity and slower wage growth could help alleviate some of the inflationary pressure.

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