Mainstream Media Is Hurting Itself

In today’s world, the mainstream media has come under intense scrutiny and criticism. Many people believe that news outlets are no longer unbiased sources of information, but rather sources of propaganda. The COVID-19 pandemic seems to have exacerbated this sentiment, with trust in the media reaching record lows.

According to Gallup Polls, trust in American media has dropped below 40%, a concerning trend that mirrors the decline in trust in government. When confidence in institutions falls below this threshold, it often signifies an impending collapse.

A recent report by the Pew Research Center revealed that Americans are following the news less closely than in the past. This shift is evident across various demographics, including gender, age, education, ethnicity, and party affiliation. Republicans and independents have seen a significant drop in trust in the media, while Democrats have also experienced a decline.

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This erosion of trust in the media is part of a larger trend of declining confidence in government and institutions, which aligns with the cycles of economic and social shifts outlined in historical research. As we move towards a “Private Wave” that peaks in 2032, we can expect to see further shifts away from traditional institutions towards private assets like stocks and real estate.

It’s clear that the media landscape is changing, and traditional news outlets may soon become obsolete. As we bid farewell to major media corporations like MSNBC, CNN, and others, it’s important to remember the lessons of history and the dangers of media aligned with government propaganda.

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In conclusion, the decline of trust in the media is a sign of larger societal shifts that are reshaping our world. As we navigate these changes, it’s crucial to seek out reliable sources of information and stay informed about the shifting power dynamics in our society.

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