Jim Bianco warns that the window for rate cuts is closing before the Fed meeting.

The possibility of interest rate cuts seems to be diminishing as Wall Street forecaster Jim Bianco predicts that the Federal Reserve will likely maintain its current stance until next year. In an interview on CNBC’s “Fast Money,” Bianco suggested that the Fed may not adjust its policy during an election year, indicating that any potential rate cuts would likely not happen until November or December at the earliest.

According to Bianco, for Fed Chair Jerome Powell to consider cutting rates this spring, the economy would need to significantly weaken. However, he believes that the economy is currently strong and not showing signs of slowing down. As a result, Bianco does not anticipate any immediate changes to interest rates based on the current economic data.

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The upcoming Fed meeting marks the two-year anniversary of policymakers starting their rate hike campaign. Despite some expectations for a rate cut in June, the CME FedWatch tool has shown a drop below 50%. Additionally, Treasury yields have been increasing, with the 10-year Treasury Note yield hitting its highest level in a month.

Bianco also noted that he previously predicted the 10-year yield would reach 5.5% this year, a level not seen since May 2001. He still believes that the backdrop of the economy will support a continued upward trend in yields.

While some may be surprised by these predictions, Bianco remains confident in his assessment of the current economic landscape. As inflation continues to be a factor, it’s clear that the Fed’s decision-making process will be closely tied to the data available.

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