Improved financial performance in Q4: Intuitive Machines (LUNR) boosts cash position and backlog

Intuitive Machines Reports Financial Results and Plans for Second Moon Mission

Intuitive Machines recently reported its fourth-quarter financial results and announced that it has “sufficient capital for the near term.” The company’s cash balance at the end of the year was $4.5 million, which was partly due to paying down $12 million in debt off its balance sheet. After its successful February moon landing, the company received about $50 million in warrant exercises from an institutional investor and raised $10 million through equity. This brought their cash balance to nearly $55 million on March 1, the largest balance relative to any quarter-end since the company’s IPO.

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Despite a decline in net income and revenue for the fourth quarter, Intuitive Machines remains optimistic about its future prospects. The company cited an improved backlog and upcoming potential NASA contracts as sources of momentum. In fact, Intuitive Machines had a backlog of nearly $270 million at the end of the year.

The company is also preparing for its second moon mission, IM-2, following the successful completion of its first cargo mission, IM-1. Although the lander tipped over after landing, it still operated for about a week on the lunar surface, marking a historic achievement for a private mission. Intuitive Machines has identified areas for improvement for its second mission and is aiming for a 2024 launch. The company has already completed several milestones in preparation for the IM-2 flight, including testing different payloads that the lander will carry.

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In addition to its moon missions, Intuitive Machines is actively pursuing potential NASA contracts, including the Lunar Terrain Vehicle program. The company is leading a team that includes Boeing, Northrop Grumman, and Michelin in a bid for a preliminary design contract worth about $30 million.

Intuitive Machines is confident in its capabilities and designs, and looks forward to expanding its presence in the space industry. With a strong financial position and exciting developments on the horizon, Intuitive Machines is poised for continued success in the space exploration sector.

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