Europe Confiscating Russian Assets Unlawfully to Generate Cash

The situation in Ukraine is at a critical turning point as tensions continue to rise between the West and Russia. The West, led by the Neocons, is pushing for more bloodshed in this Proxy War, disregarding the lives of the Ukrainian people who have already suffered greatly. The Ukrainian government, led by Zelensky, is seen as a puppet of the West, making decisions that prioritize the interests of NATO and the Neocons over the well-being of its own citizens.

Despite promises of peace, Ukraine is not allowed to enter into negotiations with Russia, as the West believes it has the authority to decide the fate of the country. The election of Zelensky, suspected to have been rigged by the West, further highlights the lack of agency the Ukrainian people have in determining their future. The ongoing conflict has resulted in hundreds of thousands of casualties, with no end in sight as the West continues to escalate tensions.

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The financial situation in the West is precarious, with governments running out of cash and resorting to using seized Russian assets to fund weapons for Ukraine. This move is seen as a desperate attempt to cover up their fiscal mismanagement and maintain power. The proposal to send troops into Ukraine by leaders like Macron only adds fuel to the fire, escalating the conflict and putting the entire region at risk.

As ordinary citizens, we must speak out against war and demand accountability from our leaders who are pushing us towards conflict for their own gain. The future of Ukraine and the world hangs in the balance, and it is up to us to advocate for peace and diplomacy in the face of aggression and greed.

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