Consumer confidence plummets to 97.0, falling short of analyst predictions

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The Conference Board recently reported a decline in consumer confidence in April, marking its lowest level since July 2022. Consumers are feeling less positive about the current labor market situation and have growing concerns about future business conditions, job availability, and income. This shift in consumer sentiment could have implications for the market going forward.

The U.S. Dollar Index closed near 105.85 after the release of the CB Consumer Confidence report. While this report may impact the U.S. dollar, traders are keeping a close eye on the upcoming Fed Interest Rate Decision set to be released tomorrow. The Fed’s decision could have a significant impact on market dynamics.

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Meanwhile, gold is seeing a downward trend as it attempts to settle below $2300 amidst a sell-off in the precious metals market. Despite the CB Consumer Confidence data, gold traders are more focused on concerns about a potentially hawkish Fed.

In terms of the stock market, the S&P 500 closed near 5110 following the release of the CB Consumer Confidence report. It will be interesting to see how this weaker-than-expected report impacts stocks, especially as Treasury yields are on the rise, indicating that traders are preparing for potentially hawkish comments from Fed Chair Jerome Powell.

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