Chief Financial Officer of Block States That Cash App Products are Popular Among Generation Z

The Rise of Cash App: A Look Inside Block’s CFO Amrita Ahuja’s Interview with CNBC’s Jim Cramer

Recently, Block CFO Amrita Ahuja sat down with CNBC’s Jim Cramer to discuss the company’s Cash App payment services and their popularity among younger consumers. According to Ahuja, 1 in 4 Cash App users are daily users, showing the strong engagement the platform has with its audience.

One of the key features that sets Cash App apart is its Cash App card, a free Visa debit card that is particularly popular among young people. Ahuja highlighted a unique families program that allows adults to sponsor accounts for teenagers, making Cash App a preferred choice for families looking to manage their finances together.

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Formerly known as Square, Block is a financial services company that offers payment and point-of-sale products. Cash App, which generated a significant portion of the company’s revenue last quarter, provides a variety of payment options and even allows users to buy stocks and bitcoin.

In addition to Cash App, Block also owns Afterpay, a buy now, pay later company. Ahuja discussed the integration of Afterpay services within Cash App, describing it as an “incredible opportunity to bring commerce into Cash App.” She emphasized the appeal of Afterpay to younger consumers who are wary of the negative debt spiral associated with credit cards.

Overall, Ahuja’s interview with Cramer shed light on the success of Cash App and Block’s innovative approach to financial services. With a strong focus on serving younger generations and offering unique payment solutions, Block is poised for continued growth in the evolving financial landscape.

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To watch the full interview with Amrita Ahuja and Jim Cramer, visit CNBC’s website.

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