Bill Gross Advises Investors to Steer Clear of Tech and Focus on Value Stocks

Welcome to Extreme Investor Network, where we bring you expert insights and analysis on all things finance. Today, we’re diving into the advice of billionaire “bond king” Bill Gross, who recently shared his thoughts on the current market landscape.

Gross is urging investors to steer clear of tech stocks and instead focus on value stocks. In a recent tweet, he advised, “Stick to value stocks, avoid tech for now.” He specifically pointed to Microsoft as the only tech stock worth considering if investors feel compelled to dip their toes in the sector.

This recommendation comes amid a weaker-than-expected GDP report and persistently high consumer prices in the first quarter. Following this data release, bond yields saw a spike, while the tech sector experienced a downturn, with the Nasdaq Composite dropping by over 1% on Thursday afternoon.

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Gross also raised doubts about the rationale for holding bonds, especially with the 10-year yield climbing above 4.7% after the GDP report. Instead, he disclosed that he holds stock in Western Midstream Partners and energy infrastructure firm MPLX.

Notably, Gross has been cautious about the AI frenzy gripping Wall Street, warning investors about signs of “excessive exuberance” in this area. With the stock market experiencing its worst month of the year in April and inflation concerns persisting, there has been a reassessment of the Federal Reserve’s monetary policy trajectory, leading to reduced expectations for rate cuts.

Tech earnings have failed to ignite a new rally, with mixed results from companies like Tesla and Meta impacting the sector’s performance. While Tesla saw a rise in its stock price on plans for a cheaper vehicle model, Meta disappointed investors with weak guidance, resulting in a sharp sell-off.

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