Biden to Hold Meetings with Citi, United Airlines, and Other Executives

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President Joe Biden recently met with top industry executives to discuss his “strategy of investing in America and rebuilding international alliances.” Among the attendees were executives from United Airlines, Citi, Evercore, Marriott International, Flex, Bechtel Group, Xerox, and Corning. This meeting comes at a critical time as the Biden administration continues to navigate the economic challenges of a post-pandemic world.

With a focus on aggressive antitrust measures, Biden has targeted industries such as airlines, banking, cable, grocery, pharmaceuticals, and tech. The Federal Trade Commission and the Department of Justice’s antitrust division have ramped up enforcement efforts, taking aim at proposed mergers and other regulatory actions. Additionally, the White House has implemented rules to limit certain fees from airlines and credit card companies, all in an effort to protect consumers.

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But it’s not just about policy—Biden has also been vocal about holding corporations accountable for inflation and other economic challenges. He has called on companies to lower prices for consumers and stop “price gouging” to help ease the financial burdens faced by Americans.

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