Upcoming Events: Dow Jones Futures, Nvidia AI Event, Fed Meeting; Six Stocks Approaching Buy Points

The stock market is always full of excitement, especially with major events on the horizon like the Federal Reserve meeting and upcoming events from Nvidia and Microsoft. As we look ahead to the week, here’s a breakdown of what to expect and how it may impact the market.

The recent stock market rally saw some ups and downs, with the Dow Jones and S&P 500 holding steady while the Nasdaq and Russell 2000 dipped below their 21-day lines. Software stocks showed promise early in the week but took a hit on Friday due to guidance from Adobe.

Looking ahead, three major events are set to take place. The Federal Reserve will hold a meeting on Tuesday and Wednesday, with policymakers revealing their latest projections for Fed rate cuts on Wednesday afternoon. Nvidia will kick off a four-day GTC Conference on Monday, unveiling new AI technologies and partnerships. Microsoft will also host its “New Era Of Work” event on March 21, showcasing AI features and more.

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The outcomes of these events are crucial not just for the individual companies involved like Nvidia, Microsoft, Advanced Micro Devices, and others, but also for the broader tech industry. Investors will be watching closely for any positive or negative impacts on these stocks.

As we navigate through the uncertainty of the current market pullback, it’s important for investors to hold off on new buys in the very short term. Nvidia, ARM, and ServiceNow are all on IBD Leaderboard, while Microsoft is on the IBD Long-Term Leaders list. These companies will be closely monitored during the upcoming events to gauge their performance and potential for growth in the AI sector.

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So, as we await the outcomes of these major events, it’s a good time to stay informed, keep watchlists updated, and be prepared for any market shifts that may come our way. Stay tuned for more updates on the market and leading stocks to guide your investment decisions.

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