Tyson Foods Faces Backlash Over Progressive Stance

Title: Tyson Foods Faces Backlash for Woke Policies

Tyson Foods, a major player in the food industry, is currently under fire for its decision to lay off US employees in favor of hiring illegal migrants. The company’s partnership with the World Economic Forum to introduce insect protein into their products has also drawn criticism and led to calls for boycotts.

The American Conservative Values Fund (ACVF) CEO Bill Flaig has spoken out against Tyson Foods’ move, stating that it will deter investors and could lead to more backlash from politically conservative individuals. In response to the controversy, a prominent fund manager has reportedly pulled out of Tyson Foods.

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Despite denying any intention to cut American jobs in favor of hiring immigrant workers, Tyson Foods has already laid off over a thousand American employees in a small Iowa town, leading to closures of plants in several states. The company’s recruitment efforts in sanctuary cities like New York City have further fueled the controversy.

In addition to these issues, Tyson Foods has faced criticism for mandating COVID vaccinations for American employees and pushing for the replacement of natural meat protein with insect protein. CEO Donnie King’s affiliations with establishment figures and support for controversial political figures have also raised concerns among consumers and investors.

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As the backlash against Tyson Foods grows, the company’s diverse portfolio of brands, including BallPark, JimmyDean, Hillshire Farm, and Sara Lee, may face the consequences of their woke policies. Shareholders and consumers alike are voicing their disapproval through boycotts and divestment, signaling a potential shift in the company’s future direction.

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