Trial shows Altimmune weight loss drug significantly reduces muscle loss

Altimmune’s Weight Loss Drug Shows Promise in Preserving Muscle Mass

Altimmune announced on Wednesday that its experimental weight loss drug not only helped patients shed weight but also minimized the loss of muscle mass in a midstage trial. This finding could set the company apart in the competitive weight loss drug market.

Altimmune is among a group of smaller biotech companies aiming to compete directly with industry giants like Novo Nordisk and Eli Lilly in the weight loss drug space. The results of this trial indicate that Altimmune may have a unique approach to address a major concern surrounding weight loss treatments – the potential loss of muscle mass.

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Obesity drugs have been in high demand lately, but concerns about muscle loss have lingered. Altimmune’s trial showed that a significant portion of the weight lost by patients came from fat tissue rather than lean mass, which could reduce the risk of injuries and decrease strength.

In the trial, patients who received Altimmune’s weekly injection lost an average of 15.6% of their weight over 48 weeks, with weight loss continuing after treatment. This preservation of lean mass during weight loss is crucial for overall health, according to Altimmune’s Chief Medical Officer Scott Harris.

Altimmune’s drug, called pemvidutide, works differently from existing treatments like semaglutide. While semaglutide suppresses appetite by mimicking a gut hormone, Altimmune’s drug activates multiple gut hormones to increase energy expenditure.

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Altimmune is also exploring the use of its drug to treat metabolic dysfunction-associated steatohepatitis, a common liver disease. Other companies in the weight loss drug market, like Eli Lilly, are also focusing on preserving muscle mass in their treatments.

The results of Altimmune’s midstage trial are promising, but the company still needs to conduct late-stage trials to fully understand the effectiveness of its drug. It’s clear that preserving muscle mass during weight loss is a priority for both patients and drug developers, and Altimmune’s approach could offer a valuable solution in this crowded market.

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