Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen’s upcoming meetings in China: Here’s who she will be meeting with

The Extreme Investor Network is excited to bring you the latest insights on U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen’s upcoming trip to China. This visit marks her second trip to the country this year, as both the U.S. and China work towards improving communication and addressing tense issues in their relationship. Secretary Yellen is set to meet with top Chinese officials in Guangzhou and Beijing, discussing topics such as unfair trade practices and the global economic impact of Chinese industrial overcapacity.

Guangdong, the export powerhouse of China, will be a focal point in the discussions, with the province exporting nearly $750 billion in manufactured goods last year. As China faces scrutiny over its manufacturing practices, trade tensions are expected to rise globally. Secretary Yellen will also focus on cooperation to combat illicit finance, addressing issues such as drug trafficking and fraud.

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This trip highlights the importance of ongoing dialogue between the U.S. and China at all levels. Stay tuned to Extreme Investor Network for further updates on Secretary Yellen’s visit and its potential impact on global finance and trade. Subscribe to our newsletter for exclusive insights and analysis on key financial developments around the world.

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