The Sharp Increase in Home Prices Compared to Inflation Since the 1960s

The Home Affordability Crisis: Why Prices are Soaring and What’s Being Done About It

Inflation is on the rise, with prices increasing at 10 times the rate they were 60 years ago. However, when it comes to home prices, the increase is even more staggering. A recent study found that home prices are now 24 times more expensive than they were in 1963.

If home prices had increased at the same rate as inflation, the median price of a typical house in the U.S. would be around $177,511. However, in reality, the median price for a home in the U.S. is closer to $412,778, according to new data from Redfin.

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Matt Brannon, a data writer at Clever and author of the report, noted that it is now harder for adults to buy homes than it was for previous generations. High costs, coupled with supply and demand issues, have contributed to the soaring prices of homes in the U.S.

While mortgage rates play a role in driving up costs, Brannon emphasized that supply and demand dynamics are major factors as well. Houses take months to build, and zoning restrictions and land costs can make it difficult to increase housing supply.

To address the affordability crisis, policymakers are considering various proposals. President Biden recently announced a plan to cut housing costs, boost supply, and expand access to affordable housing. Other initiatives include tax credits for first-time homebuyers and families selling their starter homes.

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While the road to affordable housing may be challenging, experts believe that interventions like these are necessary to avoid a worsening lack of home affordability in the U.S. Additionally, recent initiatives to increase loan limits and broaden lender requirements for manufactured housing aim to provide more options for households struggling with affordability.

The issue of home affordability has become a significant political issue, with many Americans citing it as a key factor in their voting decisions. The push for more affordable housing is gaining bipartisan support, signaling a growing recognition of the urgent need to address this pressing issue.

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