The Beginning of AI Computing Ramp: A Journey That Will Last Years

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang Discusses Accelerated Computing and AI on CNBC

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang recently sat down with CNBC’s Jim Cramer to discuss the company’s investments in artificial intelligence computing and the future of the industry. In the interview, Huang highlighted the early stages of the AI computing ramp, predicting years of growth as the technology continues to impact various industries, including health care.

During the interview, Huang also unveiled Blackwell, the new generation of Nvidia’s AI graphics chips, at a conference in San Jose, California. These advanced technology products play a crucial role in training and deploying large AI models and are sought after by leading tech companies.

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Huang emphasized the potential for AI to drive innovation in fields like science and health care, noting its ability to accelerate research and development of new treatments. He also discussed how AI can help understand complex concepts like proteins and simulate life to streamline the drug development process.

Furthermore, Huang talked about Nvidia’s array of customers and how the company’s technology has revolutionized data processing and reduced costs. He highlighted the widespread adoption of Nvidia’s technology across various industries, including cloud computing and data centers.

Overall, Huang’s interview shed light on the exciting future of AI and accelerated computing, showcasing the potential for these technologies to shape the future of industries worldwide.

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