Silence can come with a price, warns Microsoft executive

As the saying goes, “Not speaking up at work comes at the cost of being genuine.” These words were echoed by Ahmed Mazhari, the president of Microsoft Asia, in a recent interview with CNBC’s My Biggest Lessons.

In the interview, Mazhari emphasized the importance of speaking your mind at work and the impact it can have on being true to yourself. He believes that being genuine means being clear, and when you’re clear, you have to share what you feel.

But it’s not just up to employees to speak up – managers also play a crucial role in fostering open communication. Mazhari emphasized the importance of creating an environment where employees feel comfortable voicing their opinions. Without this supportive atmosphere, great ideas may never surface simply because individuals do not have the courage to speak up.

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In the workplace, it’s essential for both employees and managers to encourage open dialogue and create a culture of honesty and transparency. By speaking up and sharing your thoughts, you not only contribute valuable ideas but also stay true to yourself and your values.

To hear more of Mazhari’s insights and lessons, be sure to watch the full video.

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