Retail traders are giving up on three of the most popular AI investments in today’s market

The latest trends in artificial intelligence stocks are causing a stir among everyday investors, according to JPMorgan. Retail traders have been taking profits on some of the most popular AI stocks, with a focus on technology and a shake up in which specific names are attracting investment.

Nvidia, Advanced Micro Devices, and Super Micro Computer have been among the stocks seeing the largest net retail outflows in the last week, likely due to their connections to AI and the significant run-up in their stock prices over the past few months.

Nvidia saw the largest net outflows of any equity, with investors selling over $5 billion worth of shares. Advanced Micro had retail net outflows of over $800 million, while Super Micro saw outflows of $301 million.

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Despite this, Wall Street analysts have differing views on the future of these stocks. The average analyst predicts that Nvidia and AMD will continue to rise, while Super Micro is expected to decline by about 10%.

In addition to AI stocks, Tesla was another heavily sold name in the past week, with retail net outflows exceeding $300 million. However, analysts see the stock rebounding by 15% over the next year.

Meanwhile, everyday investors are shifting their focus towards Big Tech stocks like Apple. Apple was the most bought stock in the past week, with over $1.4 billion invested by retail traders. Despite a slight decline in share price, analysts are optimistic about Apple’s future, predicting a 17% increase over the next year.

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Overall, the AI stock market is experiencing fluctuations as investors weigh their options and adapt their portfolios to the changing landscape. It will be interesting to see how these trends evolve in the coming months.

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