Options Trader Tony Zhang Believes This Undervalued Makeup Giant is Making a Comeback

Are you looking to make a smart investment in a well-known company like Estee Lauder? The global makeup giant has been undergoing some significant changes in the past few years, but could now be showing signs of a potential turnaround. As experts at Extreme Investor Network, we believe that Estee Lauder (EL) may offer a great investment opportunity for those looking to add exposure to their portfolio.

After hitting a peak in 2021, EL has experienced a steep decline, dropping over 70% to just under $100 by the end of last year. However, the stock has shown signs of bottoming out and has formed three successful higher lows, indicating a possible shift from a bearish to a bullish trend. With multiple attempts to break above $150, EL could be on its way to reaching the low $200s and potentially filling the gap up to $235.

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Despite a seemingly high forward earnings ratio of 36 times, EL is expected to see impressive EPS growth rates of over 20% for this year and nearly 88% for next year. Additionally, with gross margins currently at 70%, EL is positioned well compared to its peers and historical valuations. At Extreme Investor Network, we see EL’s fair value aligning with the technical analysis around the $235 gap fill area.

In terms of options trading, the implied volatility rank for EL is at 31%, making options relatively expensive. As a strategy, we recommend selling options until EL breaks above $160, and then considering buying upside calls for a target price of $200. For example, you could sell the May $150/$140 Put Vertical @ $3.65 Credit, which involves selling May $150 Puts at $7.55 and buying May $140 Puts at $3.90. This strategy risks a total of $635 per contract if EL falls below $140 at expiration, but could potentially yield a profit of $365 per contract if EL stays above the $150 strike price.

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