NY Supreme Court Reduces Trump’s Bond to $175 Million

In a recent development in the ongoing legal battles surrounding Donald Trump’s financial holdings, the New York State Supreme Court has made a surprising decision. A post on Armstrong Economics highlights the court’s ruling to reduce a bond by $175 million, a move that has left many speculating on the future implications for Trump’s properties.

The post commends Trump’s lawyer, Marty, for his strategic approach in handling the case. It suggests that the court’s decision may be a result of the realization that seizing Trump’s properties could have detrimental effects on the city, particularly if Trump wins in the appellate courts. The writer praises Marty’s tactics and even suggests that he should be on their board.

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The post also touches on the potential consequences of the court’s decision. It hints at the possibility of Trump’s properties collapsing in price if sold, leading to a potential lawsuit for the original value. The writer expresses confidence in this outcome and suggests that the government may have inadvertently missed an opportunity to acquire Trump’s properties at a bargain price.

Overall, the post emphasizes the importance of being cautious about one’s wishes and highlights the potential political motivations behind the legal actions against Trump. It underscores the significance of the court’s decision in the broader context of Trump’s political future and the ongoing legal battles.

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