MicroStrategy Stock Plunges 11% on Thursday

Welcome to Extreme Investor Network, the ultimate destination for all things finance. Today, we’re diving into the recent turmoil surrounding MicroStrategy (NASDAQ: MSTR) and its connection to Bitcoin (CRYPTO: BTC).

In a bold move, investment firm Kerrisdale Capital decided to go public with their negative outlook on MicroStrategy, urging investors to short the stock while simultaneously recommending going long on Bitcoin. The firm’s scathing report, titled “Know When to HODL, Know When to FODL,” pulled no punches when it came to criticizing MicroStrategy’s reliance on Bitcoin for its valuation.

According to Kerrisdale, MicroStrategy’s stock price currently implies a Bitcoin value of over $177,000, which is significantly higher than the actual spot price of the cryptocurrency. The firm also highlighted that MicroStrategy’s original business of software analytics now makes up only 3% of its enterprise value, further solidifying its ties to Bitcoin.

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This development caused MicroStrategy’s share price to plummet by over 11%, as investors grappled with the implications of the report. While the company has yet to officially respond, Kerrisdale’s critique shed light on the risky nature of investing in stocks closely tied to the volatile world of cryptocurrency.

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