Microsoft Bing Chief to Step Down as Suleyman Takes Over as AI Leader

In a recent announcement from Microsoft Corp., Mikhail Parakhin, head of Bing search engine and advertising businesses, is set to exit his current roles to explore new opportunities within the company. This news comes just a week after Mustafa Suleyman was appointed to oversee consumer artificial intelligence efforts, with Parakhin being asked to report to him.

Parakhin, who previously served as the chief executive officer for advertising and web services, will now report to Chief Technology Officer Kevin Scott while he searches for his next role within Microsoft. Additionally, some responsibilities from Parakhin’s former position will now be taken over by Pavan Davuluri, who will now oversee all of Windows and Surface hardware, reporting to Executive Vice President Rajesh Jha.

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The specifics of Parakhin’s future within the company were not disclosed by Jha’s email or Microsoft’s spokesperson. This shift in leadership marks the beginning of changes in Microsoft’s consumer AI products following CEO Satya Nadella’s recent appointment of Suleyman to lead the AI efforts.

Nadella’s decision to make these changes reflects his desire to accelerate progress in Microsoft’s AI initiatives, as the company has been integrating AI into various products over the past year. While Microsoft has introduced digital assistants like Copilot, Bing has struggled to compete with Google in the search market, and other AI products are still in development.

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The reorganization within Microsoft is a strategic move to enhance the company’s AI capabilities and improve its standing in the competitive tech industry. Stay tuned for more updates on Microsoft’s evolving AI strategies.

(Source: Bloomberg)

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