McDonald’s Introduces $5 Meal Deal to Boost In-Store Traffic

**Introducing McDonald’s Much-Awaited $5 Meal Deal**

Are you on the lookout for a delicious yet budget-friendly meal option? Well, look no further – McDonald’s Corporation is gearing up to launch a $5 meal deal in the US that is sure to entice penny-pinching consumers back to their golden arches.

In a recent report by Bloomberg, it was revealed that the $5 meal deal could potentially include a choice between a McChicken or a McDouble, paired with fries and a drink. This move comes as McDonald’s CEO, Chris Kempczinski, emphasized the importance of staying “laser-focused on affordability” in light of the current market conditions where consumers are more price-conscious than ever.

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The announcement of this upcoming meal deal initiative saw McDonald’s shares soar by as much as 2.7% in New York trading, while competitors like Wendy’s Co. and Restaurant Brands International Inc. saw a decline in their stock value. The fast-food giant believes that a national value platform is crucial to not only attracting customers but also staying competitive in the market.

One of the challenges McDonald’s faced was gaining the support of franchisees for this initiative. With franchisees contributing to an advertising fund, there were concerns about potential profit losses during the promotion period, especially in states with higher minimum wages like California. However, McDonald’s has reportedly collaborated with Coca-Cola Co. to alleviate some of these financial burdens on franchisees.

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