Longtime bear predicts Tesla could face a 91% drop due to being in a bubble and stagnant growth

Are you considering investing in Tesla, or are you already an investor? Well, if you are, you may want to read this. Per Lekander, a longtime bear who has been shorting Tesla’s stock since 2020, believes Tesla could plummet to as low as $14 a share. Lekander recently criticized Tesla’s business model, calling it the biggest bubble “in modern history” and warned that the company could go bust.

According to Lekander, Tesla’s stock is at risk due to its lack of growth and demand issues. He pointed out that Tesla is heavily reliant on revenue growth, vertical integration for profits, and direct-to-consumer sales. However, with declining sales and no new car models scheduled until 2025 (possibly 2026), Tesla is facing challenges that could lead to financial difficulties.

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Lekander also highlighted the fact that Tesla’s competitors, like Volkswagen, are gearing up to launch new car models in the coming years, putting pressure on Tesla to stay competitive. He predicted that Tesla’s first-quarter earnings report could reveal the company’s underlying problems and paint a grim picture for investors.

While Lekander’s warning may seem alarming, it’s essential to consider all perspectives before making any investment decisions. While some analysts predict a rocky road ahead for Tesla, others, like Wedbush, see a brighter future with potential upsides for the stock.

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