JPMorgan recommends these mining stocks as a way to capitalize on the upcoming bitcoin halving.

At Extreme Investor Network, we understand the importance of staying ahead of the game when it comes to investing in cryptocurrency mining stocks. With the highly anticipated bitcoin halving just around the corner, it’s crucial to know which mining companies are positioned to not only survive but thrive in the face of this supply shock.

According to JPMorgan analyst Reginald Smith, there are some top picks to keep an eye on as we approach the bitcoin halving. While many mining stocks have taken a hit this year, Smith is particularly bullish on RIOT and Iris Energy (IREN), citing attractive relative valuations and growth potential in their hash rates.

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Hash rates are a key metric to consider when evaluating mining stocks, as they represent the computational power used to process transactions on the bitcoin network. Smith predicts that RIOT could exit the year with a hash rate of 28.4 EH/s, while Iris Energy is tracking for 16.4 EH/s by year-end. Additionally, RIOT boasts low power costs per coin mined, giving them a competitive edge in the market.

Although CleanSpark has a neutral rating from JPMorgan, Smith believes it is a “great halving play” due to its efficient fleet, low mining costs, and favorable hash rate comparisons. CleanSpark shares have seen impressive growth, up more than 50% amidst the uncertainty leading up to the halving.

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As the bitcoin halving approaches and mining stocks face heightened volatility, it’s essential to have a solid investment strategy in place. At Extreme Investor Network, we provide unique insights and analysis to help you navigate the world of cryptocurrency investing with confidence. Stay informed, stay ahead, and stay connected with Extreme Investor Network.

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