Jamie Dimon supports Disney CEO Bob Iger in proxy battle against Nelson Peltz’s Trian Partners

In the latest corporate showdown between Disney CEO Bob Iger and activist investor Nelson Peltz of Trian Partners, JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon has officially endorsed Iger. This endorsement comes amid a proxy battle where Trian is pushing for changes to Disney’s board.

Dimon praised Iger as a “first-class executive and outstanding leader” with extensive knowledge of the media and entertainment industry. He emphasized Iger’s successful track record and unique expertise necessary for navigating a complex and creative industry. Dimon also warned against the risks of unnecessary board changes, pointing to the significant progress Disney has made under Iger’s leadership.

Trian’s proxy fight centers on demands for restructuring Disney’s leadership and traditional TV channels, as well as achieving “Netflix-like margins” by 2027. Peltz believes that Netflix poses a significant competitive threat to Disney and is advocating for strategic changes to enhance Disney’s profitability.

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In response, Iger has undertaken a series of cost-cutting measures, including layoffs, to streamline Disney’s operations and make its Disney+ streaming platform more profitable. These efforts have shown some early signs of success, with Disney reporting a strong quarter and narrowing streaming losses.

Throughout this contentious battle, Dimon’s endorsement of Iger stands out as a rare move for the JPMorgan CEO. While JPMorgan has a history of advising Disney on defensive matters, Dimon’s public support for Iger signals the importance of strong leadership in navigating corporate challenges.

As the proxy battle unfolds, all eyes are on Disney and whether Iger’s leadership will successfully fend off Trian’s push for change. Stay tuned for the latest updates on this high-stakes corporate showdown.

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