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Title: Jim Cramer’s Investment Guide: Understanding Year-to-Date Stock Performance

Are you interested in knowing how different companies are performing in the stock market this year? Jim Cramer, a well-known investment expert, shares his insights on the year-to-date stock performance of companies like Palantir, UiPath, Schlumberger, Unity Software, and New Fortress Energy.

Palantir, a data analytics company, has seen fluctuations in its stock performance this year. Similarly, UiPath, a robotic process automation software provider, has also experienced changes in its stock value.

On the other hand, Schlumberger, a leading oilfield services company, has shown promise in its international operations. Unity Software, a gaming software developer, is waiting for a sign from Jim Whitehurst, an industry veteran, before making any investment decisions.

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Lastly, New Fortress Energy, a renewable energy company, is also under the radar for its stock performance this year.

If you want to understand how these companies are faring in the stock market and what Jim Cramer thinks about their prospects, stay tuned for more updates on CNBC’s investment guide. Stay informed and make wise investment decisions based on the latest insights from industry experts like Jim Cramer.

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